About Haleemah

Haleemah Alaydi is a writer, poet and a PhD Researcher in the Department of English and Related Literature at the University of York. Her fully funded doctoral research investigates the history of the Palestinian refugee experience of forced displacement and statelessness through a short story collection and a critical commentary that focus on exploring the role of fiction on constructing the refugee experience. Haleemah holds an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication with distinction from the University of Leeds. She is a Northern Short Story Festival academician and is the recipient of the UK Government’s international scholarships “Chevening Awards”.

Haleemah’s work has appeared in ‘This New North’ anthology published by the Valley Press and the Scribe Art Magazine published by the University of Leeds. Her novel “When Olive Trees Died” was shortlisted for the 2019 Borough Press BAME Open Submission competition. Haleemah has certifications in spoken word poetry and international peace studies with first class honours. With over 6 years of corporate and freelancing experience in the field of PR and Communications, she worked for NGOs, startups, corporates and United Nation agencies to create copies ranging from written publications to online content.

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