We all are sick anyway




Dedicated to a good friend

The night you told me
you were sick
My heart grew heavier
as a stone,
making its way through my veins

I am sick too, friend
We all are anyway
All of my insides
are hurting
for you
and for me
and for everyone who feels
And as am laying on my back,
trying to think of what I have become
I think of the very little time
I’ve known you
And I wish if I could stop time
or make it reachable or adjustable
or seize some of the moments
when you weren’t sick

As you get sicker by time
I grow weaker
and weaker
and weaker
Until I fade into nothing
Only then will I accept that sickness
is a killer
and I hate killers, friend
But the night is beautiful outside
furnished by glowing stars
and you
and this might just be good enough
for now


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