Fresh graduates are more than FRESH!    By Haleema Alaide


Hiring managers and business owners often look for highly qualified individuals to join their companies. Managers usually ask for many qualifications and good years of experience. In addition, the required years of experience have to considerably match with a range of skills, whether personal or professional skills related to the workplace. However, the same managers and business owners often ignore the huge capabilities which fresh graduates have. What is more, they forget that qualified and experienced individuals are the product of a great company. Fresh graduates can be the skill you need in your company


Fresh graduates in the Middle East and North Africa suffer greatly from lack of employment opportunities. If you are a business owner or a manager in a company, consider how you got there. Did you achieve success in a blink of an eye? Or was your position or title the product of having connections with people in the place you work in? Was it easy or tiring to get there? Were you experienced or qualified in the field in which you work in before first getting hired? Were you familiar with work strategies, managerial and business skills? This is the case with some fresh graduates in the MENA region. Although they look and apply for many jobs, they often get rejected for not having a previous working experience.


As a hiring manager, you will absolutely get many advantages by hiring these fresh graduates. Generally speaking, fresh graduates are known for their motivation and enthusiasm, especially if it is their first job. They are willing to learn, discover and adapt to the new changes in your company. For example, they would meet deadlines and finish many projects and tasks quickly. Furthermore, you can actually invest in their potential, develop their experience and working attitudes. Fresh graduates have impressive presentation, technical, communication and business skills gained from their university studies. Accordingly, these graduates would noticeably contribute to the success of companies or organizations. It is believed that fresh graduates, particularly those in the MENA region possess such exceptional and innovative ideas. As a consequence, recruiting these skillful and self-motivated graduates can increase diversity in the work team. What is more, these fresh graduates can provide companies with financial returns due to their productivity and ability to be creative, fast and precise.



Nowadays, there is a dramatic decline in the number of unemployed fresh graduates in the Middle East and North Africa countries. What is more, the economic situation in the MENA region makes it difficult for fresh graduates to find employment opportunities. Many new graduates have come to think that their field of study is not suitable for the market or that they lack essential skills which make a good employee. Your turn here as a business owner or hiring manager is to lead fresh graduates. To put it clearly, you can provide them with formal trainings in their field or even monitor them closely. Accordingly, you will be able to hone their skills, widen their horizons and build up their experiences. That being said, hiring fresh graduates is considered to be cost-effective. Fresh graduates know that they are inexperienced and in need for official training. Consequently, they ask for less salaries.


You can train fresh graduates to become acquainted with the type of work you do or even engage them in teamwork tasks. As a result, this can bring a lot of value and revenues to your company. In addition, recruiting fresh graduates can bring you a lot of profits, especially in the world of technology as they can pick up new technology in a matter of minutes. Besides, they are familiar with working under pressure, because of the fierce education they received in universities. For instance, when asked to work on a university project or hand in an assignment in a specific time. Therefore, they can be equipped with skills essential for the workplace. You can now provide a career path for fresh graduates in the MENA region countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria. You can create change and enable these highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals to reach their full potential within your firm. Nothing would make these individuals experienced and qualified more than believing in their true potentiality and ability to take initiatives and growing within the company.


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