“Let’s Be Birds”



Could it be the long miles that execute
our dreams while they’re so alive?
Then, why don’t we efface the distance between ‘your’ country and ‘my’ country
and pretend that it’s unwanted visitor

Why don’t we exist everywhere and not somewhere specific?
Let’s pretend that we’re flying birds;
escaping wars and homes
just to be free
I’ve never heard of a Muslim bird
or a Christian bird
or an Italian bird
or a straight bird
or a racit bird
or a white bird
They’re birds
So, why don’t we be birds?

Why do we teach children about “others”?
‘Other’ religions
‘Other’ countries
‘Other’ traditions
‘Other’ people
Until they learn that different is wars
Different is bully
Different is inferior
Different is a threat
Different is enemy
Different is disgusting
Different is epidemic
Different is different
And then they grow up
believing that they’re different

Let all the hate inside of you be drained away
Fill yourself with love
dripping through your veins
Be a disobedient bird
Fly and disappear in skies
Go away until you’re no longer seen
Then come back
with a smell of countries and nations
and other birds
Maybe then you can be different
in a good way!


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