Times pass by- years, months, weeks, days and she waits. “Waiting is very encouraged to meet one’s needs” a sentence her mother always uses when her daughter mocks the idea of waiting. She waits for a rich man (according to her mother’s standard). Standards always emphasize her taste- at least this is what her mother thinks. Wanting to be special is preferably desired for girls. Additionally, wanting to be exceptionally different was more of going on an errand-merely, standing out of the crowd.
Having expectations easily scared her, so she allowed her parents to give her decisions second thoughts. She was self-reliant, except for life-changing decisions. She was convinced that her parents know what is “best” for her.
She failed to understand the idea of self-centredness, the art of rebelling and the concept of complacence.
Now, she is expected to guide herself through principles of submission


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