“Am I good enough for you now?”

Does this shirt make me more of a female?
Do I have lots of this and lots of that?
You know, I like these shirts, I got them on sale
I am never good enough for you, am I?

I know that I am a girl
I have no other alternative
Too angelic, too blonde, too black
Probably too much for you to handle
That you start suggesting how should I dress
and how should I act !
Never known that you have a cunning mind

I hate to be told what to do
I am more of an open party
with nobody invited over
I welcome the attendance of everything
I am made of
At least, they generously
contribute to my being

Call me an average
Too beautiful makes me stupid
Fills me with more of your judgments
Forges me to be one of your copies
Too ugly furnishes me with jealousy
Grips my last bit of happiness
and hangs it on beauty

I am finally retired
from the job of satisfying others
I am apparently not good enough for you
but I am absolutely good enough for me

Haleema Alaide


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