Am I Dreaming?

Never imagined that the world one day would collapse. I’ve always imagined that Muslims, Jewish, Christians and Hindus would come together. I thought that Muslim couples can make love in the city of love and Israeli people would stroll around with the Palestinian people in the old Nablisi streets. I thought that British people would listen to Fayrooz and Lebanese would listen to the Beatles. I thought that the Easterns would paint the Westerns’ walls and the Westerns would taste Eastern dishes. I thought that the American politicians would promote peace and that Iraq would be the most beautiful country by 2015 and that the Indian accent wouldn’t be mocked and that Arabs wouldn’t be referred to as idiots or terrorists. Unfortunately, these are all thoughts.
I wish that people would not judge people because they are different from them. The only reason why people are racist because they are scared of changes. I hope that politicians worldwide would put the interests of their citizens first, the military second, and themselves last. My dream is a place where no one is discriminated against nor judged because of their race or religion, where everyone is equal, where people are never deprived of their rights, and where the accused have the chance to explain. I dream of a place where justice is served righteously. I dream that one day the world would be united in a world where all people can speak and understand one another. I dream of a world where nobody goes to bed hungry or abused. Are these only dreams?



  1. writersdream9 · November 22, 2015

    This is my dream also!

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