Love in My Country


A poem dedicated to young girls seeking love in Jordan

See, I want love

But love in my country never reads

Love is a doormat

Love smokes cigarettes in public places

And never knows how to act like a gentleman

Love is ashamed to work as a waitress

And I hate love to be an engineer, politician or lawyer

Because in my country love is defined by occupation

He loves his job more than me

He loves money more than me

And I’m inclined to love him more than me

Love in my country calls 24 hours

He sleeps on the phone

Love makes jokes about you with his friends

And you are never enough for love

He may need three or six more

This is why love sucks in my country

Because he’s not influential nor educated

Love plays candy crush in his first date

I want to ask love too

If you met crying on the street

What in the world would you do?

Love sucks

Love is sexist

Love in Jordan wants you to have

Joly’s lips and Byonce’s lips

He never teaches you how to admire your own body

Love chases girls

He is furnished with sexualism and greed

Love watches porn more than the breathes he takes

If you asked love to dance with you

And he doesn’t want to He’d tell you maybe later Because he thinks it’d be easier for you that way It’s not though and you believe him for that moment You  swallowed your heart and your pride You smile when you realize how stupid you were You want to curl up and cry If you told love you’re lonely He’d say, hey! You’re not alone And you’d say you’re right, But he wouldn’t understand that having friends isn’t the same

He wouldn’t see that you want his affection too So you go home alone and whisper “Hey, stupid boy, I could have loved you” If you looked in the mirror And peered into your face You’d see nothing anymore That’s his fault today Tomorrow it may be someone else’s The day after, you might love you But right now you see nothing Just a face behind the glass A girl, not a woman A child with no class Hey, love

You should know this

what I want in return I want a question I want something to push against Something…someone that will push back I don’t want smiles and laughter in place of thought I am deeper than you And that may suck… But girls also want to be more Than ‘that one girl that you fucked’ , love
Actual love is whispering sweet nothings,   disagreeing, yet nodding in agreement hands clasped whenever together, a moment spent apart, text messages galore;

I like your laughter

I like your smile, when I am with you, I have so much fun;

it’s not supposed to be this hard, everything is said and done Now that all the sweet nothings have been whispered and all disagreements have been agreed, with nothing left to savor, it’s time to call it quits it’s time to agree “love sucks”, while we are still in love, maybe it’s about time we let romance in!
Love in my country is not worth it

I want a love that consumes me;

I want him a writer who writes letters all day;

a thinker with unlimited thoughts;

I want love to be influential with deep voice and messy hair;

I want him to be…….love



  1. writersdream9 · October 20, 2015

    I’m not in Jordan but your thoughts mirror mine!

    Liked by 1 person

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