notes on depression


She’s in pain
When she smiles, her mouth is a straight line
It confesses everything she hides within

Her master is an old man:
Unemployed, uneasy as night
He rarely talks, or pays attention to her suffering
She is damaged; and has made one loyal friend: the night
The night alone is what can measure up to her sadness
It is dark, loyal to her
She allows herself to shutter into the night’s madness

Her master:” you are nothing without me; worthless without my benediction”
Sadly, she wore her skirt not looking at him
“Answer me when I talk to you”
“Your statement doesn’t require an answer” she said
He slaps her, ignoring her small heart
Desperately, she cries

The world has always camouflaged facts
She has been called ugly
How can she be ugly when she cries with no voice?
When she makes the night her forever friend
When her body screams from the inside out: “what have I done wrong?”

She has a party inside of her mind
Her bones play rock and roll music when he scolds her
She makes wrong look right
Only now, she writes poems and novels
She has a university degree; she’s educated
She tells stories and funny jokes
However, she’s not satisfied
She bites her lips when she’s tense
She never sleeps, she walks at night
as this what makes sense
to her long-lasting depression

She’s poisoned with depression
She’s inhabited by untold facts and ugly scars
She suspects love, because hatred is her possession
She is filled with suicide thoughts

She’s a depression specialist
She cries without stopping if she begins
She squashes every bit of happiness
She eats, drinks, sleeps without much effort
Firmly, he says:” you are nothing without me, worthless without my benediction”
This time, she looks at him and says: “yes, if you say so”
He slaps her, and she cries again
She is a hostage of her depression
He seems empty, filling himself with her torture!



  1. writersdream9 · October 5, 2015

    What an amazing poem!!

    Liked by 1 person

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