«Lose It All»

Come to me like you’ve lost it all
Never imagined your loss would be winning someday
Color my days with black and white
I know it hurts to see them colorless !
You coaxed me to hurt myself by loving you!
Faithfully, I gave me to you
False, how I faint in falling over
See, I was granted a heartbreak
In contrary, you’ve gained an absolute power
I remember you saying that I will irritate your pride
Impolite, I thought it was
Magnetic, you made love to me day and night
Imprisoned in your world I was !
You tossed me like I was a ball
Due to your pitiful mind
My patience was my unbeaten wall
You sheltered under my arm as I was your home
I somehow felt it all
Set fire to your lies
I am no convinced with words
Seized your slut soul
Having a guilty affair
I should’ve known your naked goal
Kept me small, kept me dark
Blacken my heart, and added a block
Smartly, advertised your existence in my life
Helpless, I belong to you and your heart
I consumed my beauty satisfying you
How cowardly I was falling for you
Sometimes, you despise me for being a sweet deer
You’re right, I even despise me for not disgusting you
I hired my mind to make decisions
Forgetting the hopeless heart of mind and the introduction
Out of my heart, out of my body
I want you to be
Turn my memory into aches when you remember me

Haleema Al-aide


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