thoughtful ideas !


by Ahmed Abdellatif

Speak to me of hope and of a bright future while I’m stuck here in a bottomless dark pit.
My fingertips are nothing but skin and bone, fingernails broken and bloodied, fingerprints worn to nothing from trying to claws my way out,  but all I did was decorate my prison walls with the scratches and scrapes.
Trying to escape took alot more from me than I did from it, more than bringing me any closer to the light.
And there I sat, there I sit, there I will always sit. Staring at the flickering light, taunting me with its promise of somewhere better, somewhere safe, somewhere that isn’t here.
Here I remain, tempted to keep staring at the fading torchlight they call hope, but I’m too tired to, because the longer I see the light, the darker my prison becomes, so I don’t stare, for this is the best…

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  1. elyaslinley · September 26, 2015

    are you malaysian???


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