Forgotten Memories

I was distracted
By the wandering of your eyes
About your unnecessarily touches
I touched you
And you were almost gone
Felt the departure in your cold bones
As I was your son
Coincidentally, we met
We loved and we vanished
Still, I feel your existence
In my absent mind
The art of leaving me behind
Became your daily habit
The tea, pillow, bed and your moronic laugh
The lies, and your shaky hands
Are the secrets that I keep
Anxious you were to see me
Jealousy is your lasting disease
I am drowned in your torture
It is almost heaven to me
The wandering of your eyes
Is the temptation that I need
There are no limitations,
Whenever we are together
However, when we are apart
Is the pain that I suffer
Hit me, or shout
But, stay the way you are
I tend to bother you
To see how would you react
To me, you are fashion
In all its aspects
Whether you are ugly, drippy
Selfish, or hopeless
Let me be your unchangeable mood
Through the moments of your happiness and sorrow
Keep me, save me
But, you shall never leave me behind
It is your face that I like
I am addicted to your soul
I even hate what you despise
If you despise it in your world
I didn’t know how strong I was
Until I found you
It isn’t easy for me to let you go
Because, I have swallowed every single word
And every whisper, every sigh
Eats away this heart of mine
And you are living in me now


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