This New North is Out Now!

I’m overjoyed to see my short story “A Very Private Confession” in “This New North” Anthology, which is now available to BUY on the Valley Press website:

This anthology highlights excellent creative writing produced as part of the Northern Short Story Festival Academy. If you’re super excited and want to pre-order the book, it’s going to be available for preorder MARCH 2021. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Join us for the virtual book launch of This New North on Wed 3 March. Book your tickets here:

Would You Do?

Would you love me
when I am old and fatigued
when my bones are conspicuous
and all what I carry is weariness

Would you love me
when I lay writhing in pain
and my heart shows no mercy
or forgiveness
for any soul
When I am faint-hearted
and all I do is weeping bitterly

Would you love me
when our oak grows old
and our thatched cottage
feels blue
Would you do?
Would you do?
Would you do?


If by Poetry

If by poetry
I can make you happy
I will write you poems
I will write about your body parts
and how you smoke and
tremble at the same time
I will write about your bad habits
just to make you laugh
I will write you, darling
By words and sentences
I will come up with a new language

But I know that you don’t like poetry
and my poems are often sad


Come Close

I still feel you drifting apart
Come close
Maybe I need you
Maybe I don’t
but come close
Stay here
Be silent
Maybe all what I need is silence
Maybe I don’t need you
But baby
Come close
as “maybes” are not certain anymore.